Surprisingly Liberal

This well-crafted ad is a lesson for the McCain team – if you are going to flame, you shouldn’t do so from a matchstick house. Recently they criticized Mitt Romney for “being for timelines in Iraq”. While you could take a bit out of context and say that it was true (Mitt was talking about setting non-public politcal goals with the gov’t of Iraq) it was essentially untrue when put in context.

Here are things that are true, and not a stretch:

My single greatest beef with John McCain has always been the gang of fourteen. Contrary to public perceptions it was not just about judges. It was about allowing the minority party veto power by requiring a super-majority for anything the Republicans did. It took the “nuclear option” of stopping the filibuster-everything tactics of the minority off the table, and hamstrung the Republican majority in many ways. The rancor and disunity afterwards was everything Democratic strategists could hope for.