The Ron Paul Revulsion

This online journal is somewhat of a backwater in the blogosphere — I am read mostly by other bloggers. I chalk this up to usually measuring out to Post-graduate in reading level of articles, and the stories I do require non-general knowledge to understand the content and context. If you are here for the buzz then I would say that what I write about won’t be the buzz until sometime in the future.

So I was a bit surprised by the comments received on three articles – usually I am lucky to get any, but these articles all received 30+ comments each. Two of the articles dealt with white supremacist political groups in Belgium and Europe, and the third was this one, dealing with the plethora of kook-pundits supporting Ron Paul.

So consider this a follow-up link for my previous Ron Paul article. Over at Revolusion 2008 they’ve cut and pasted some comments from the Ron Paul forums where Ron Paul activists come to grips with the probability that Ron Paul did write those things, and they decide to lie about it. This shows you the utter mental dysfunction and lack of credibility of the average Ron Paul supporter.

After the TNR posting of Ron Paul’s past writings it’s not his character that’s in question anymore — instead it’s revealing the thorough lack of character and conscience of his supporters as they scramble to rationalize racism. The sun has dawned on why tea-cup racialists, racists, and self-proclaimed nazis such as Don Black, Bill White, etc. are supporting him.

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