Eiffel Tower Terror Plot Foiled

eiffel_tower_6.jpgPortugeuse air-traffic controllers intercepted garbled short wave transmissions from Islamist Terrorists and interupted a plot to blow up the Eiffel Tower in Paris France Thursday.

 More from This is London:

The 1,060ft high tower has more than six million visitors a year – an average of more than 16,000 a day.

A successful strike on the 7,500 ton iron tower, which was looked down on Paris since 1889, would be a French 9/11 and could cost thousands of lives.

The threat was uncovered in a “vague and muffled” radio conversation picked up by air traffic controllers in Lisbon on Thursday.

It comes after a spate of other threats made in recent days on the websites linked to Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda terror network, calling for the “brothers of Islam to strike Paris”.

Egyptian Man Sells Wife’s Kidney on Black Market

In the Islamic world where lax medical mores lead to less-than-Hypocratic oathes and principles, a man drugged his wife, and sold her kidney in the organ black market. The fact that he is treating his wife like property in the worst way should not surprise anyone, that also is endemic in the Islamic world.

Story from AFP:

 CAIRO (AFP) — An Egyptian woman has brought a case against her husband for allegedly drugging her and arranging for one of her kidneys to be removed and sold on the black market, local media reported on Saturday.

A judicial enquiry has been launched in the Nile Delta town of Menufiya after Warda Mohammed el-Banna said her husband Saad Helmi had her operated on after a pretend motorcycle accident, the opposition Al-Wafd daily said.

Her husband allegedly gave her a glass of drugged orange juice and said they were going out to see relatives. The woman said she passed out en route and woke up in a private hospital in the up-market Cairo district of Heliopolis.

He explained her scars by saying she had been operated on after they had an accident, but a few days later Banna started feeling weak and tests revealed she was missing a kidney.

 Some use the excuse of poverty for actions like this, but compared to the rest of the Islamic world, Egypt is generally middle-class.

dailytimes-kidneyforsale.jpgIt’s not like this situation in Pakistan for instance, the sign says “Would you buy my kidney please?” in Urdu. Story from Darwaish at All Things Pakistan.

This also puts those occasional “will work for food” signs you see held up by fat winos in the US into perspective.