Franken, You’re Fired!

portraits_Par_0030_PortraitImageFile.gif“Franken — You’re Fired.”

It’s not as far a stretch of the imagination as you might think. This conversation could take place.




Air America has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the state of New York.

Under bankruptcy law, in chapter 11 cases normally the debtor, in this case Air America, tries to have themselves appointed as trustee over the bankruptcy. However in cases of mismanagement, the court and the creditors can appoint the trustee.

In this case what better trustee could there be than Rush Limbaugh? If anyone could reorganize Air America out of bankruptcy, Rush would be the one capable. Let’s face the facts, there isn’t anyone who knows how to grow a show’s market share better. Rush’s audience is 20 million + strong, and he has more listeners than the top fifteen newspapers in the country combined have as readers. If anyone has the management skill to rescue Air America, it would be Rush Limbaugh.

Interestingly enough just a month before filing chapter 11, Air America Radio stated that there were no plans to do so. However, the filing itself reveals from the amounts owed in the claim that they were not paying Arbitron for quite a while. One thing you don’t do if you have plans to stay on the air is to stiff Arbitron, not paying Arbitron is mismanagement.

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2 Replies to “Franken, You’re Fired!”

  1. Rush is an Idiot. The listeners are to educated to believe the lies he would spew. The reason Air America is having trouble is that the corporations oppose the message they are sending which is truth.

  2. 20 million people are not all idiots John, that’s how many listen. Do you suppose there could be some intelligence at all among them, or are they all just the lumpenproletariat, no equal to your superior mentality?

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