Tinfoil Hat Contest Winner!

We have a winner from many great entries in our “think like a moonbat” tinfoil hat contest!

Aknot’s winning entry is pictured below, and he now has editorial priveleges at this blog. The winning entry is modeled by Aknot’s dog, Donkey:


 Here’s Aknot’s description of the design:

I made a custom hat to protect my dog better. The top
protects her from any bad waves coming straight down at her and it is open to allow any
headon waves to pass right through. I decided to add the enlarged ears to increase her
senses and give her time to dodge all the crap that it flying around out there. Yes, her
name is Donkey. She is a stray that my sister found and her demeanor is just like the
Shrek character. She follows you around trying to be your best friend, even strangers. In fact, the less she knows you the more she is your best friend.

So now Donkey can think like a liberal, and probably use words like “Hegemony!” For the more industrous out there, feel free to steal the photo, and photoshop the hat onto your favorite moonbat, wouldn’t this look great on Cindy Sheehan for instance?

Also, please do not report Aknot to PETA, no animals were harmed in the making of this hat.

Waziristan Update III

Yesterday I wrote about Karzai’s thoughts on the Waziristan accord, and we’ve been getting mixed signals as to whether it will be effective or not. While alternately shaking hands and slamming each other, Karzai and Musharraf are making progress. (Most media reports of the Karzai – Musharraf meeting have the leaders not shaking hands, but Presidential Spokesman Tony Snow said they did greet each other, shake hands warmly, they just didn’t do it for the cameras. )

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PKK Terrorists Attack Hospital

From Jerusalem Post we have this report on PKK terrorism:

A bomb exploded outside a hospital in the Mediterranean port city of Mersin on Sunday, injuring three people, the private Dogan news agency reported.

The bomb had been placed near a bicycle outside the Mersin State Hospital’s emergency department, shattering windows of nearby buildings and cars. Three people were injured from flying glass, the report said.

PKK Kurd Separatists are every bit as evil as Al Qaida and the Taliban, they think that the end justifies the means in their unpopular cause. All terrorists are kindred souls born to evil regardless of their aim.