We’ve Got the Dream, They’ve got the Spleen

To carry on with the theme from my earlier post: elections are about the future, not the past seen through a distorted, dark mirror. While the pundits have the Dems sweeping to power I’ve made my prediction, and Karl Rove seems to be saying much the same. I expect the Republicans to lose some seats, perhaps 6-10, but hold control of the house. I expect it would be a miracle if the Dems took the senate.

During this part of the season many folks know that partisans from all sides are going into overdrive on hyperbole and sewer-diving to pull cess from dark pits, then smearing it many times where it does not belong. A lot of folks are watching movies, getting ready for fall and winter, watching the food channel, and studiously ignoring the media tempest because they are tired of it. That doesn’t mean they aren’t voting however.

The great strength of the Republicans is that they destroy the evil-doers in their party. It might make sense to call for Hastert’s resignation if Foley had not already resigned and if Hastert was supporting him. However the Republicans cut the incompetent, the non-adult, the bad actors, and bad players. Let’s face facts: if the coin were reversed, that’s not what the Democratic leadership would be doing, and it’s why they lose.

It makes much more sense for Republicans to call for Senator Harry Reid’s resignation after the land deal and the many other scandals he’s had than Denny Hastert’s. Ney’s gone, Cunningham’s gone, Foley’s gone. Republicans do have conscience and morals, and that’s why I continue to have faith and full confidence in the party.

Beyond keeping the party true to their base, the leadership has a vision for the future, that’s matched by a gaping void of ideas and some thin echoes of Republican Ideas from the other side. The Democrats know if they go on record with real plans they lose without question, it’s an automatic. 

Republicans think there is a future, that we are all not automatically doomed, that we aren’t strange meat-puppets awaiting our fate. Republicans think there is reason, purpose and meaning to life. Republican initiatives will help your children and your grandchildren. The plans include:

  • Security for your future, not just against terrorists, but also against the tinpot tyrants
  • Lower taxes for a robust economy which leads to money in your wallet
  • Energy independence
  • Better Education for a world in which knowledge is accelerating at tremendous pace
  • Cheap, plentiful energy for us, as well as the low-energy societies so the world does become free and clean – what’s the point of living on an island of wealth in a bubbling, chaotic sea of misery? We can make it better.

The only thing still giving these ugly stories legs are their potential effects to the election, which should be nil. So it’s time to start ignoring the scandals in the bleachers, it’s time to get your head in the game, and to put your eye on the ball.

Continuing to tar the Republican leadership in election season from inside the party is what gives these stories legs — if you are joining in it’s akin to standing on the sidelines at the football game and yelling at your team’s quarterback for a bad play he called three seasons ago. Get over it already folks we have some elections to win; and in the end all this cess, all this noise is about discouraging YOU from voting — We KNOW that’s not going to happen. See you at the Polls in November friends.

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