Karangal Pass in Kunar Re-opened

The previously sealed Karangal pass in the Kunar region of Afghanistan has been re-opened, which will be a great relief to the people living there. With winter coming on, and food short it was probably needed to prevent humanitarian crisis. The Tribal leaders are promising to drive out the Taliban as part of the deal, but that remains to be seen.

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Mike Gallagher a Hero, But Boycott his Show

Mike Gallagher has done something great, he’s a wonderful talk show host of a nationally syndicated radio show, but you should boycott his show just one time. While driving home this evening I heard about this at KCMO from the Jerry Agar show.

There is pure evil that is instantly recognizable to all sane people, an instance of that is the sadist who murdered the five Amish schoolchildren, and who shot five others. Just as evil as he is are the members of the Westboro Baptist Church, led by Fred and Shirley Phelps, who planned to protest at the funeral holding signs with statements such as:

Your daughters are Whores who will burn in hell

Fred and Shirley are publicity seekers, they protest at gay funerals, at military funerals, and other events to “get their message across”.

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