Dr Blake

thor.jpgI read this when I was very young and I  came across it again while trolling through Wikipedia. I’m parking this here because today was a good day, and this brings back fond memories of simpler times.

Thor as he first appeared was a twist on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: instead of the weak Dr. Blake turning into a monster, he turned into a hero who saved the earth from an alien invasion. The stuff to thrill small lads, but… Thor had character, and some of mine I got here — strange indeed how those things go. Thanks Stan Lee, and to others who will go un-named on this day.

Iranian Narrowband Internet Revolution

iran372.jpgIn a brilliant move, Ahmadinejad has introduced new internet technology to the people of Iran — it’s the dawn of NarrowBAND! Member countries of the EU think it’s such a great idea that they are trying the same but by requiring licenses for broadband content instead of using Ahmadinejad’s revolutionary new thinband technology. 

Sarcasm aside, this is about freedom and reality. Tyrannical regimes always want to repress the free flow of information because they live in fragile governing structures that can’t withstand the light of day. It always fails. In the end and over time freedom and reality always prevail.

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Why is This Man Not Smiling?

frownyreid.jpgIt has nothing to do with the fact that his shady land deals are coming to the light of the ethics committee, instead, it’s all about the economy and the elections. For some great analysis, illustrations, and excellent research, please stop by Doug Ross’ place.

Washout in Keystone Canyon





















My sister sent me some great pictures of Keystone Canyon on the way to Valdez, Alaska,  I thought I would share a couple of them. 

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