Palestine in Paris

Please stop by Little Green Footballs, to see how French policies of multiculturalism and pacifism have imported Palestine to the banks of the Seine. You won’t believe the video.. on the other hand, perhaps you will since the retreat of the French Police seen is no different than all of their other retreats.

Waziristan Update IV

musharraf-fata-meeting.jpgMusharraf met with the tribal area governors recently, and got updates on progress for the peace pact. They overviewed the developmental aid packages, as well as efforts to seal the borders.


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Missile Defense Has A Banner Month

missile-japan-patriot-bg.jpgSeptember was a heck of a month for Missile Defense with several successful tests, contracts awarded, and barriers broken. This wasn’t on everyone’s radar screens at the time, but it’s important in the Pacific with North Korea now promising new nuclear tests.

While some critics are arguing against missle-defense with cost-based logic, the missile launches by North Korea earlier this year outweigh all arguments. If one of those were capable of hitting Hawaii or California, at the time there wouldn’t have been anything we could have done to prevent it. That must change, the nuclear djinn is out of the bottle and over the next fifty years no matter how vigorously we combat nuclear proliferation, other countries will also gain nuclear capabilities.

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