Musharraf and Waziristan Update

Sorry for the long delay in this report, I’ve been holding out for more names and information, but that’s not forthcoming at the moment.

I’ve been holding out hoping that I could announce that Hamid Gul was one of the arrests in the round-up after the Coup attempts, but by then this could be stale.

In earlier posts you’ve seen the Musharraf asassination attempts, and the lead up to them: the Waziristan accords as well as the closing of Jihadi ISI-sponsored camps. This is a move towards better relations with India, as well as a turn-out of the Taliban / Al Qaeda -affiliated old guard of the ISI. With the recent rumors of Bin Laden’s death, Zawahiri’s takeover, and other portents you can see that there has been a shift. It’s likely that the Al Qaeda leadership is no longer in Pakistan.

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We’ve Got the Dream, They’ve got the Spleen

Republicans think there is a future, that we are all not automatically doomed, that we aren’t strange meat-puppets awaiting our fate. Republicans think there is reason, purpose and meaning to life. Republican initiatives will help your children and your grandchildren.

To carry on with the theme from my earlier post: elections are about the future, not the past seen through a distorted, dark mirror. While the pundits have the Dems sweeping to power I’ve made my prediction, and Karl Rove seems to be saying much the same. I expect the Republicans to lose some seats, perhaps 6-10, but hold control of the house. I expect it would be a miracle if the Dems took the senate.

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