Italian Media Ignoring Darfur

The fact that major Italian media outlets are ignoring Genocide in Darfur is not surprising with the treatment Orianna Fallaci received, not surprising at all.

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North Korea Nuke test

(URGENT) N. Korea tests nuclear weapon at Hwadaeri near Kilju at 10:36 am: Defense Ministry  — Report from South Korea Defense Ministry

North Korea is claiming to have tested a nuclear bomb. This report at present is unconfirmed by any other government, no seismic activity yet reported or detected. More to come.

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Reuters and Wikipedia Dissappear Years of Genocide

Is the Clintonprop machine at work again? In a recent article Reuters states that the Darfur conflict started in 2003, and if you go to the Wikipedia entry, you will find the same lie. 2003/2004 was when the Bush adminstration took a breath in the war on terror and brought this before the United Nations with addresses by Colin Powell.

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Libertas Est

This is a response to Fjordman’s fine post at Gates of Vienna Wednesday. Fjordman points out that he has been a critic of the dissolution of Western Society, but that he’s offered few solutions — so in his preliminary post he names a few. I am quite hopeful that he will create a new manifesto for Europe, but the first draft is a bit weak as manifestos go.

I would agree with him on some, and disagree on others but to understand the disagreements, you need to look long term, and you need the basis of my conclusions. Fjordman bases his conclusions on the thesis that the problem is Islamic Imperialism coupled with the decline of the west in the face of a dire enemy, and he sees the decline as both societal and governmental.

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