Republicans Keep Both Houses

In the end it boils down to this: we’ve got the dream, all they’ve got is the spleen.

UPDATE: I could not have been more wrong….  

I’m going on record with my election prediction early: The Republicans will retain majority control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Why do I say this?

Because even after days of salacious scandal, weeks of questionable polling, months of frothing hyperbolic editorials, and two solid years of “We are doomed in Iraq, We are doomed in Afghanistan, We are doomed in the War on Terror” everyone I know who is conservative to moderate is still planning on voting.


 It’s anecdotal evidence convincing only when coupled with other signs:

  • You see Chris Matthews interviewing a movie director tonight, and in the interview they are already setting up the “election stolen by Diebold, no paper trail excuse”.
  • You see polls that were yawning in favor of the democrats now mysteriously closing.
  • You see the Republicans real campaign kicking into gear, and you see tightlipped, worried smiles of newscasters still trying to put across the illusion that the democrats have it in the bag.

Yes, that’s right, it’s a repeat of the last two election cycles. The Dems start claiming victory six months out. This time Nancy Pelosi started measuring the drapes of the Speaker’s office even before that.  

The press, always a sucker for an underdog story jumps gleefully aboard and then the roller coaster ride really takes off. Like the previous season’s roller coasters, once they reach that giddy height at the top of their ebullient poll-puffed election dreams, the ride downhill starts and quickly picks up steam rushing them to oblivion again. I think if you start listening you will hear their frightened wailing start any day now.

In the end it boils down to this: we’ve got the dream, all they’ve got is the spleen.