More NYT near-traitorous idiocy

The New York Times has found another congressional leaker for the world socialist cause. See the article here. Yes, all the parts of this are declassified, I read them myself in some science rags, however the pieces assembled and the methods proposed are not declassified I would bet. Continue reading “More NYT near-traitorous idiocy”

Moussaoui Gets Life

 Moussaoui Gets Life

Although we wanted death. This shows me that in subtle ways the terrorists methods are changing us — the jury here probably had in the back of their mind “but if we kill him as he wants then that’s another martyr for Islam….” That’s fear talking.

On the way home, a local radio talk show host, Jerry Agar, broadcast my thoughts pretty well…. He paraphrased a quote that General Norman Schwarzkoff had given to a reporter who asked “What do you do if someone attacks who wants to die?”

 Stormin Norman replied something to the effect of

     “You help him get there as fast as you can.”

Charles Johnson’s thoughts at LGF. Here’s Counter Terrorism blog take.

All jacked up…

Is a term peculiar to Kansas and Missouri maybe… I don’t know, someone tell me if you hear it in other regions. Anyway, my last post was all jacked-up — the Link to the Chavez article is now fixed. Hey, if you see something screwed up like that, it is ok to leave a comment and let me know btw.

The etymology of “Jacked-up” was explained to me by someone when I first moved here, if someone has a better one please let me know, they could have been pulling my leg. 

Supposedly the the term comes from “jack-leg” which was a confederate soldier returning from the civil war to Missouri, called that for the stripe on their pant legs or type of pants they wore. These guys were the cheap labor in Kansas, since the economy in Missouri wasn’t exactly booming at the time. If you used a “jack-leg” contractor, then the work was supposedly inferior, thus the term “all jacked-up”.


I received an email with an alternate etymology for “all jacked up” — it refers to being in a bad state from too many JD and cokes. There’s even a song that’s supportive of this theory.