Voorpost and Vlaams Belang

In past articles (here, here,) I’ve noted how Voorpost is the network glue that knits many European tribal nationalist splinter groups together, and the resounding and repetive theme is identity, culture, blood, and soil. Here you see Filip DeWinter of Vlaams Belang shopping at a Voorpost stand full of Neo Nazi rags.

Much more on Filip’s meanderings at Little Green Footballs.

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  1. Okay Heres what I got Noblesse , I did my best ,with it , the audible parts are at the beginning , where he talks to the first book seller at the table , after that he walks around and even though I can tell that most of deWinters discussion is jocular , it’s too garbled with background noise to make out . :

    Philip deWinter: ” Where is “the President”” (a Book by Aldo moro-Fascist Literature) ?

    Book Seller: “There On the right.” (points)

    Philip deWinter: “Have you read this Andries?” ( asks as he points to Moros Book)

    Bookseller : “No I am Illiterate.” (Sarcasm.. meaning he actually read it )

    Philip deWinter: “Is this a good Book ?” (asks about another indiscript Nazi book on display )

    Bookseller : ” It served my beliefs.”

    All of the idiots depicted in the film are sick Nazis , Normally they would be jailed for this sort of public consortium , I don’t understand what is up with the Belgian govt. But I do know in Holland they would all be riding on a Bus to jail in heartbeat……

  2. Thanks Kindly for the translation. I don’t agree with those laws btw, it puts evil under the covers where you cannot easily see it. Where there is freedom it’s easy to determine who is evil and who is not by their words and actions. Laws prohibiting speech that does not incite violence, no matter how hateful the speech is, are truly counterproductive.

  3. Thanos, are you going to keep going with this or actually post a retraction since many, many people have trashed your friend’s translation?

    Or does it matter once the mud has been slung?

  4. The part he got wrong is the part about Aldo Moro, maybe they were talking about the Spanish Moros, who knows. It’s in comments, it’s not in the article, if you have a better translation please do post what they actually said.
    Now, are those not Nazi and other tribal purist screeds on the table? Is the book Filip is leafing through not the famous one on the philosophies of the far right? By the guy who said he’s not a racist, he just believes in “tribal purity?” (French author, I forget his name at the moment.)

    Mud only sticks when it’s truly flung, since this getting responses I must have coated someone with some facts, n’est ce pas?

  5. Dewinter asked”where is the President?” ,It seemed like he was asking for a book , so I googled that title and got Moro, ( Il Presdiente ) but I guess I made a huge mistake here, I read it wrong , I though it be to be a book by Aldo Moro , but he was the PM of Italy and a good guy , so that can;’t be right .

    My Bad , I over reached on Google and came up wrong on that time for me to retract like a gentleman and bend over and say thank you sir , I’ll have another . (ouch !)

    The translation is further good only what else did he mean by “the president” then ?

    Maybe he was referring to the guy he met when he first walked into the room like he could be the president of the Nazi club , and as I look again it appears to be the case , my bad …sorry ..

    You have to understand that I tuned in wrote down what I heard and translated it …..

    The Books and magazines on the tables are clearly all nazi and fascist materials ….I noticed that very well , those weren’t copies of Suske en Wiske and Asterix and Obelix comic books that were on sale there .

    They even showed one noticeable famous essay about Hitler (red and white Book , and the Dude was admiring a photo of Josef Goebbels in another book , that was plain as day to see .

    And on display if you noticed that on that table in the beginning there were all sorts of Nazi emblems and neo nazi literature .

    I don;t know how I got screwed up with Aldo Moro on this , but thats google for ya ,

    again Sorry guys ….But they are Nazis thats no Doubt about that , and Dewinter is scum .

  6. Np, the book in question has been found, thanks for the clarification. The book was Benoist’s collection of writings by “the new right”, basically every article in the book covers a tribal supremacist of one flavor or another. I don’t pay overmuch attention to the political stripe of the tribal supremacist or nationalist, because poltics is always consumed by the ideology of tribal purity.

  7. Thanks Thanos,

    Sometimes I read the material too quickly , especially when I’m trying to cover a lot of ground in less time ….(Haste tends to make paste )
    ignoring the 2 and three letter words has it’s benefits but also has a drawback every now and then

    Aldo Nova ? I would never do that , being a Guitar player myself , That would be like Calling ” Al Dimeola” a Bolshevik Pear Plucker


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