Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama

My congratulations to our new President Elect, Barack Obama. Only in America could this election have happened, and it does speak to the greatness of this country. I hope you serve the country well, and that you fullfill the promise of the many great speeches you made. I hope you remember that first and foremost you serve all Americans, and those are certainly big shoes to fill. I’ve seen that onerous burden prematurely age several presidents in my lifetime, so you have my support and my best wishes for success.

Black Panthers Intimidating Voters in Philly

UPDATE: Here you can see the Black Panther Thug with his nightstick

This is definitely voter intimidation – blocking doors of polling places while tapping a nightstick? This does not belong in America, it is not democratic. From Fox News the video is below the fold:

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FBI Questioning Rezko-Obama Property Deal

This story is being put out today as if it were fresh, but … it’s not quite. Kenneth J. Conner is stating that the FBI questioned him regarding appraisals of the Obama – Rezko properties, there’s a new story in the Washington Times. There are a¬†few things to consider here before you go over the top with this breaking story:

So this could be opportunistic timing that turns out to be nada, or maybe we will see some arrests or new indictments. Was there something fishy about the Obama land deal? My nose leads me to believe that something smells in the state of Illinois, but time will tell this tale.