Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama

My congratulations to our new President Elect, Barack Obama. Only in America could this election have happened, and it does speak to the greatness of this country. I hope you serve the country well, and that you fullfill the promise of the many great speeches you made. I hope you remember that first and foremost you serve all Americans, and those are certainly big shoes to fill. I’ve seen that onerous burden prematurely age several presidents in my lifetime, so you have my support and my best wishes for success.

9 thoughts on “Congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama”

  1. I was wondering if I was going to stumble across all kinds of freaking out in the rightosphere, so thanks for proving my instincts incorrect. That’s pretty gracious.

    I am so glad this is over, quite frankly. This was my guy, as you probably guessed, and I’m happy with the way it turned out. But I do have certain expectations for Obama, however, so now that its official I think I can take him to task when the situation arises. I don’t plan on being an unconditional defender.

  2. Chen now the left is firmly in control, and if you don’t want a four and out scenario then it’s going to be very necessary for the left to keep it’s own in control and not allow their worst excesses and ambitions to overwhelm the good parts of the left.

    If you create a Viet Nam II scenario in Iraq, it will not sit well. If the economy is driven into the dirt by attacking capitalism overmuch, it will not work. If you destroy the energy future of the country by making energy less plentiful and more expensive it will go against you. There are a lot of promises out there and the american electorate is not known for their patience; so Santa better not show up with a bagfull of coal in January.

  3. Re: aforementioned freakout

    LOL- You should check out Atlas’ site. She’s goin’ all Hudson on us. I hate to admit it, but I’ll probably give her some more traffic as we move forward. In the interests of comic relief, of course.

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