Biofuels Under Debate

Government “subject matter experts” attempting to plan the future often create unintended consequences through heavy-handed regulation. They sometimes attempt to solve problems that don’t exist, and sometimes offer solutions in search of a problem while ignoring the truly pressing issues before us this century.

Having not learned from nearly a century’s worth of Soviet Five year plans, they still think they can not only predict but also plan the future.

The future can’t be predicted or planned, the future happens, and it can only be prepared for. This decade driven by Global Warming and the Kyoto treaty, they’ve gone beyond the pail. This year people will be dying of starvation as one of the unintended consequences.

The mandated use of biofuels as well as government subsidies for them is under stiff debate at the present due to the problems now becoming evident. See here, and here.

I’m going to state that biofuels do have a place in our energy mix, but right now the heavy hand of worldwide government mandate has created crisis and issues where none should exist. A balance can be struck between croplands for fuel, forest, and homes. A balance can be struck between fuel and food. It will never happen however if techocrats continue their hubris of trying to mandate it. 

It’s a rush to subsidize, a quaqmire of regulation, and a lie to drive it all.