Cheerless Leader Lost?

couric.jpgI don’t normally write about cruft like this — I mean who watches evening news nowadays anyway? However on seeing this story I had to do this post because the title for it popped into my head, a pun that plays at many levels.

There you have it.

Katie Couric is rumored to be leaving as anchorperson at CBS Evening News due to tanking ratings:

Katie Couric, who left her coveted spot on the “Today” show for the chance to anchor a nightly news program, is likely to leave CBS News well before her contract ends in 2011, the Wall Street Journal reported today.

3 thoughts on “Cheerless Leader Lost?”

  1. She did some fair reporting on her trip to Iraq, I thought they
    would fire her for that. She’ll probably wind up on “The View”
    with the left wing loonies of Barbaral Walters…

  2. Rumor has it that Couric may replace Larry King on CNN, if she
    does she may not put me to sleep like Larry does…

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