Waziristan War Spreads North

The Mehsud Taliban have attacked in the rear at supply lines to the North of the Wazirs in Orakzai agency, Bill Roggio has the details over at The Long War Journal. If you are a regular reader there please take a moment to donate, Bill’s trying to put together four embeds now.

dara-adam-khel.jpgDarra Adam Khel is also known as “Gun City”, it’s where many weapons are hand-made, from antique replicas to modern automatics nearly indistinguisable from the real models. For an overview, see this article.

Update II: The Taliban has captured Kohat Tunnel, a strategic North – South chokepoint. They either are holding it with forces, or have it rigged to explode. (Perhaps the captured ammo convoy is parked inside?)

Update: Richter dropped off another story on this, The International News has more detail on the Jirgas to gain the trucks back.

PESHAWAR: Tribal elders were holding negotiations with the local Taliban in the gun-manufacturing town of Darra Adamkhel on Thursday to seek the return of five trucks loaded with ammunition that they allegedly snatched along with five soldiers accompanying the military cargo destined for South Waziristan.

Tribal sources in Darra Adamkhel said the Taliban and the tribal Jirga had been given time until 10 am today to return the trucks or be ready for a military crackdown. Pakistan Army troops had been sent to Darra Adamkhel to set up camp in the Government Degree College there and wait for orders to start action against the miscreants in case they refuse to return the snatched trucks and ammunition.

Through its spokesman Maulvi Omar, the Tehrik-i-Taliban, Pakistan, earlier claimed that its fighters had snatched and driven away the trucks to a safe place. Speaking for an undisclosed location, he said the trucks were loaded with artillery and mortar shells, all kinds of bullets and other ammunition. “This ammunition is war-booty and is enough for our Taliban to fight for another two years,” he remarked.

According to tribal sources, the trucks were intercepted and snatched by armed men during the night near the Kohat Tunnel in Darra Adamkhel at around 1 am Thursday. They said the military convoy had six trucks, but one managed to evade the roadblock set up by the suspected Taliban and drove into the tunnel before it could be stopped. The remaining five trucks were snatched and driven back to some place in Darra Adamkhel, which lies in the foothills and is populated by Afridi tribe.

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