What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Please look closely, What’s wrong

 with this picture?

If you note the side windows and the back door, it’s broad daylight outside, and the windows are heavily curtained. (click on the photo to see both sides of the room.) This is an event staged just for the media. It’s political theater that the mainstream media is willing handmaiden to.

The fourth estate used to mean something, it used to be a check on populist misconceptions and mania, keeping America informed so they could decide based on facts, not grievance theater.

Many groups stage exagerated political theater, they run from Code Pink, to PETA, to the Pauliacs, and to HAMAS. In this age when reality is so abused by all sides of any debate it’s important for the press to expose things that are over-the-top or staged, rather than abet them.

These sham-candles were clearly not needed and were just part of the ongoing political agitprop from HAMAS Grievance Theater.

Photo credit Reuters, H/T Lawhawk.

6 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

  1. why do they have their fotos next to candle ? In my culture, we burn candles next to dead ones photos…

  2. Whats wrong with this picture? Other than the light thing?? Maybe the black haired Arab pictured in the lower right with an orange beard and mustache.

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