Ynet is reporting that the London-Based Islamic periodical “Al Hayat” states that Israel has given Syria a 72 Hour ultimatum.

Story below:

London-based Arabic language newspaper Al-Hayat says Israel gave Syria 72 hours to stop Hizbullah’s activity, bring about release of kidnapped IDF troops. ‘Israel will not end military activity until new situation created that will prevent Syria, Iran from using terror organizations to threaten its security,’ newspaper quotes Pentagon official as saying

The London-based Arabic language newspaper Al-Hayat reported Saturday that “Washington has information according to which Israel gave Damascus 72 hours to stop Hizbullah’s activity along the Lebanon-Israel border and bring about the release the two kidnapped IDF soldiers or it would launch an offensive with disastrous consequences.”The report said “a senior Pentagon source warned that should the Arab world and international community fail in the efforts to convince Syria to pressure Hizbullah into releasing the soldiers and halt the current escalation Israel may attack targets in the country.”Al-Hayat quoted the source as saying that “the US cannot rule out the possibility of an Israeli strike in Syria,” this despite the fact that the Bush administration has asked Israel to “refrain from any military activity that may result in civilian casualties.”




  1. As Micael Ledeen says in relation to Iran and it’s minions, FASTER PLEASE!

  2. Thanks for stopping by Charles, it’s appreciated. The one thing that has me suspicious of the Ultimatum is that it is originating from an Islamic Language paper. If it turns out to be untrue that will certainly tell us something about Al-Hayat.

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