The New York Times is “going to need a bigger boat.”

In an article at The Right Angle, Amanda B. Carpenter points out the New York’s Times clear misunderstanding of tax cut impacts:

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Black Tuesday comes next week

The folks at ISC remind us that Black Tuesday comes next week with new security bulletins and patches coming from Microsoft. If you have Gates Gear remember to patch next week.

Published: 2006-07-07,
Last Updated: 2006-07-07 22:56:04 UTC by John Bambenek (Version: 1)

Microsoft sent out the Advance Notice for Black Tuesday.  In short, 4 Windows patches and 3 Office patches with some in both categories being critical updates.  Stay tuned here on Tuesday for our monthly breakdown of the patches and the vulnerabilities they remediate.

14 Year old Nigerian Girl Stoned to death

In a horrific event that tells you much about religious fundamentalism, a 14 year old nigerian girl dropped a religious pamphlet in a mosque. A crowd quickly mustered, chased her to a police station, drug her out and stoned her to death.

The police appeared to have not fired a shot, but did report that “they were injured”.

When my daughter was fourteen she got new glasses and cried after because “they were too big.” I still remember that moment, and I can picture her perfectly at that age — and it makes me deeply angry that anyone could do this for any reason to any 14 year old child.Â

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Rod Adams Calls Carl Pope out

I am wondering if Carl will respond: see the Sierra Club Executive Director’s latest inanities Uber-Fisked here.

Sectarian or Legitimate?

As predicted in an earlier article here, “sectarian” violence will rise for a while in Iraq. It’s not necessarily all unhealthy — with the weakening of the terrorists, fear is going and it’s natural that some will seek revenge. However as a very wise man once said:

It is easy to be angry, however it takes an exceptional person to be angry the right amount, at the right time, with the right person.

The news reported at Yahoo makes this seem like random killing, and that is not the right path. To be free the people of Iraq must find the real terrorists, must eradicate Al Qaida and the Muslim brotherhood from their country like an evil weed. Randomly killing Sunnis, or Randomly killing Shia is not the way — you do not defeat evil by becoming evil.

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