A Shuttle, Two Scuds, and a Dud

United States 1                                                      North Korea 0








            In a sad state of affairs, Kim Il can’t keep his taepodong up, and his scuds were premature.  More from Gary Varvel, hat tip to Earth2Moonbat & Athos. Update 7/5: Kim shot off more short range scuds this morning. The news is putting out that it’s from an unknown site, but that’s not fact. We do know about the second site, but we aren’t monitoring it because it has only short to shy of mid-range scuds. Old news. The failure of the Taepodong’s first stage is a real blow to Kim’s plans to manufacture and sell more Taepodongs on the international arms “bad boy” network.

Independence Day 2006

eagleflag.jpgThe Shuttle launched successful, I recovered my blog, and tonight I have a lot of fireworks to shoot off. The original Fourth of July Post from this am can be found here.

Things are chronologically out of order from the recovery, and there will be a couple of more odd posts today from the past just so I don’t loose them. Apologies!

In the city I live in it’s ok to buy fireworks, but illegal to set them off. My act of civil disobedience for the cause of freedom is now over with a beautiful display that made quite a mess. My lawn, roof, and drive are all wet down just in case the neighbors still performing civil disobedience land something over my way. Goodnite all, happy Independence day, and sleep well in the peace and strength of freedom.

Demons of the Modern World

_135476_Pile_of_skulls_and_bones_from_Cambodia_killing_fields1.jpgCambodia swore in the Jurists Monday for the start of trials against the leaders of the Khmer Rouge responsible for 2 million or more deaths in Cambodia in the 90’s. It’s telling that the western world can find the time to put Orianna Fallaci on trial, but has not the will to put murderous marxists on trial. This trial is fully funded by donations. Apparently Kofi Anan couldn’t afford any of the spare change out of the oil-for-food scandal to fund this.  Continue reading “Demons of the Modern World”

Supreme court Rulings — Hamdan and Razul

Heres a Fox News video link to Ted Olsen’s analysis of two rulings that impact our abilities in the war on terror, the Razul case and the Hamdan case. You might remember Ted from the election cases, he pled before the court and won on Bushes behalf. His wife, Barbara Olsen, was also aboard the plane that hit the Pentagon on 9/11.


Sixty seconds and counting….

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Of Kings and Queens and Freedom

american-flag1.jpgI celebrated the fourth of July early, musing while I drove home from visiting my son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law. Rolling through the countryside across gentle hills and through green valleys I marveled at this land and our people. There were a thousand vistas along the way that would make a perfect home for either you or me.

Verdant vales and lush fields, corn across the plains, and wooded hills streamed past as I drove. A hundred, a thousand, a million perfect views of freedom, of happiness, of new places to build a house with a view, a farm with a windmill, a ranch with horses, a cottage beside a stream.

The American dream, the vision of freedom, is still here and alive in the United States, and it walks quietly and steadily beside us, a future vision of things to be. Here is where the dreams are made and where dreams become reality.  

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Great Recovery 1stcom!

main3.jpgI wanted to take a moment and thank my Hosting Company, 1stcom.com for a great recovery effort over a holiday weekend. They had a catastrophic failure of some drives but were able to get me back up, running and fully recovered. Just wanted to take a moment to thank them for the great effort, it’s well-appreciated.