More good news from Iraq, the terrorist roundups continue

From DOD news, this probably got missed by most over the weekend due to the NK events and Israel / HAMAS war.

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Kim readies new Taepodong

Sometimes you have to question Kim’s sanity, he’s already solidified so much opposition with his earlier missle launches (7 all told, 1 Taepodong dud, 6 Scuds,) that he is certain to catch some reprecussions. Add to that his kidnapping, drug running, and counterfeiting operation and you soon realize this guy knows no bounds. He’s the best advertisement I know of for an accelerated ABM program, and re-opening of the Strategic Defense initiative.

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Conduct Unbecoming

The Army has charged Ehren Watada*, the military poster child of the left, today. They levied three charges: Missing Movement, Contempt towards officials, and Conduct Unbecoming an officer. He could face several years in jail from this.

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All Available Boats! exhibit open

The biggest marine evacuation since Dunkirk took place from the docks of New York city on 9/11 and a new exhibit is open now at the Seamen’s Church Institute in lower Manhatten to commemorate the service of the Coast Guard, the harbor tugs, and all the boats of New York during the attack. The exhibit will only be up through 9/30, so please make plans to stop by if you are in the New York area.

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