The good news keeps rolling in

The left’s hopes are fading fast. Here’s the checklist

The left’s hopes are fading fast. Here’s the checklist:

 The left claims that The war in Iraq is unjustified and a quagmire, however:

  1. WMD were found
  2. Sadaam’s first guilty verdict for genocide is due soon
  3. Zarqawi and several hundred other terrorists killed or captured the last few weeks.
  4. The government of Iraq is moving along just fine
  5. The Iraqi army is standing up

Rove and Libby outted a CIA spy According the the left — but the info’s really in who’s who in america, and Joe Wilson’s tall tales.

The economy is booming, and the deficit has been lowered by the Bush Tax Cuts, so even Post-modern voodoo economics work.

Three terror plots in America recently foiled, one in Canada, one in New York, several terrorists trapped in a sting operation in Miami, all of which brings home the fact to the public that World War III against Islamofascism is still on.

The New York Time’s ad revenues, subscribers, and stock are all falling, and there is serious anger throughout the country over their recent outting of an effective anti-terror program called SWIFT. Since the outting 32 countries have filed in international court to stop the program. The good news is that the NYT has forever shown their allegiance now to be anti-american.

World War III against the lslamic Imperialists is proceeding well, with serious blows against them just this week. Overnight, forty more Talenban were killed, and since the start of the year aproximately 1000 islamofascists in Afghanistan have been sent to graves, mostly in pieces. Here’s the Monday run-down. Here’s an article that estimates it much higher at 100 coalition troop casualties in three months to the Taliban’s 2,000, told from a sympathetic reporter.

Despite Jangvi’s optimism, though, the fact is that the Taliban have only inflicted about 100 casualties on coalition forces in the past three months, while the body count of Taliban and civilians in southwestern Afghanistan, most of them Taliban supporters, is estimated at more than 2,000.

In simple terms, the Taliban’s getting their asses handed to them.