Constellation: A New Journey Begins

Constellation: A New Journey Begins

Ares V and heavy cargo capability to the moon – will it happen?

Tonight’s Moon

Tonight’s moon was obscured by a thin band of cloud, causing a blue circular nimbus with a light brown ring surrounding. I tried to get a pic of it by backing off the telephoto and focus, but the lens is too good and focused right through the clouds.

The Last Full Moon Before Christmas is Out

This is the last full moon of 2008, you can seen it now through the 15th or so when it starts to wane. One other note on this photo, if you click on the thumb to see the full enlarged size you will note two abberations in the lower left quadrant, that’s not something on the lens, it’s a couple of tree branch tips.

Tonight’s Beauteous Moon

Tonight’s beauteous moon, courtesy of Canon cameras and telephoto, lenses. I never tire of taking these moon pics, there’s probably a few gig of them on my hard drive. As with all pictures here, click on the thumbnail to see the large version.

November Moonrise


Click on the Thumbnails to enlarge anyone of these.



Tonight’s Lucid Moon

Tonight’s moon, more lucid than the debate.

Tonight’s Waning Moon


Tonight’s moon is just beginning to wane.

You Know Things Are Bad When

You know thing are bad when the UN calls for Capitalism. Ban Ki Moon called for the end to tariffs, protectionism, and trade barriers in face of mounting food inflation:

“We simply cannot afford to fail,” the UN secretary general told a news conference at the UN Food and Agriculture (FAO) summit on food security. “Hundreds of millions of people expect no less.”

That’s understatement. Millions are hungry right now, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The sustained high energy prices the past few years have caught up to food production, and while the lowering of trade barriers will help the problem of “food inflation” quite a bit, lowering barriers alone will not stop the steady creep of hunger and poverty. It takes high energy to farm abundantly and cleanly; a point which is easily proven.

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