Theme Change

Theme Change

I’ve backed out to the old version of my blog’s theme after a new upgrade of the Inanis theme I was using changed things to unreadable. I don’t have time to debug it over the next few days, hence the backout until I can spend some time on what went wrong.

UPDATE: There were some javascript files that needed updating that weren’t in the auto upgrade, I popped by Inanis net and picked them up so all is well. The new version allows you to widen the window to fit the page with a “full screen” button in the upper right corner of the header, give it a try while I add my customizations back in.

I’m Just Searching for That Rainbow

I’m Just Searching for That Rainbow

double-rainbowHere’s a picture of double rainbows over the ocean while we wait on Spring, and a snip of an Emerson poem:


Yet whirl the glowing wheels once more,
And mix the bowl again;
Seethe, fate! the ancient elements,
Heat, cold, wet, dry, and peace, and pain.

Let war and trade and creeds and song
Blend, ripen race on race,
The sunburnt world a man shall breed
Of all the zones, and countless days.

No ray is dimmed, no atom worn,
My oldest force is good as new,
And the fresh rose on yonder thorn
Gives back the bending heavens in dew.

“Song of Nature” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

December Administrivia

I’ve got a lot of loose ends from the year to wrap up, so once I get on vacation you will probably see a glut of posts to wrap up the year. There are many posts that were merely part 1 of a series that become extremely important as we go into an Obama administration and a rebirth from the ashes of the Republican party.

Some of the loose ends:

Hunger and the Economic downturn

Energy Futures under the Obama Administration

The rest of the who is We series

Some better analysis of what’s going on in Pakistan and India post-Mumbai

More on the Global Warming debate

I’ve also been looking through some of my past posts on Pakistan and my original naivete from both my original ignorance of culture in Pakistan coupled with an optimistic long-term outlook shines through in a few places – I’ll be correcting and updating some of those. Blogging is nothing if it’s not both truth and a learning experience.