Back to Our Moon: Powering Our Return ; a clip from NASA

It’s well past the time that we should have been back to our moon. Make no mistake: This is an existential task for the human race. NASA’s new partnership with Maxar and their propulsion system explained.

via Powering Our Return to the Moon – YouTube

Environmental Disaster

This is what happens when you drill in deep zones where the pressures are immense — possibly the worst environmental disaster too date once it’s all said and done. Here are a series of time lapse photos that show the growth and extent of the Gulf oil leak from NASA satellites Terra and Aqua:

A Warming World

Here’s a video from NASA data that details some of the factors behind AGW.

For much more information go to Nasa’s Warming World


Constellation: A New Journey Begins

Constellation: A New Journey Begins

Ares V and heavy cargo capability to the moon – will it happen?