Summer Dawn

When you were a kid and school was out you dreamed of days like these.

Wilting Petals in the Morning Sun

The tea rose bush has flourished in the heat but the flowers wilt pretty quickly as result.

After the Storm

This was taken with the Canon T2i after the storm that rolled through here yesterday, which tore leaves and branches from trees, made Kasey hide under the desk, and caused three power outages. Click the thumbnail to embiggen & note that with most browsers holding “ctrl” and tapping the plus key a few times will take you to full size and detail.

The Storm’s Ragged Edge

We took a fast trip down to Forsythe yesterday, and we raced into and through the storm. Here’s the edge as we were driving into it. The spots are water drops on the passenger window, and the vehicle was moving approximately 75 mph, so I don’t want to hear any comments about quality here…

Hunters After the Storm

The birds were on the hunt for bugs and worms after the rainstorm the other day.

Late Afternoon Sun

The rain overnight and this morning has me looking through photos of Sunny days to escape the gray. I’ve noticed that pictures taken in the late afternoon and early morning are best for that. Not only do shadows stand taller at dusk and dawn, but colors are also more vibrant and warm.


Here’s an Iris from my mother’s garden, we visited for Mom’s day.

Kasey at the Bank

Kasey went for a ride to the bank today, this is how she looked once she figured out that the drive up teller passes out dog biscuits.