The Latest and the Past Wingnut Predicted New Ice Ages that Never Happened


In which Peter Hadfield, aka Potholer54 tracks the November 2018 claims back to sources, and shows how wrong they are in their interpretation of the data regarding the new Solar Grand Minimum. He also does a great job of looking through the past RW blogosphere claims of coming ice ages to show how wrong they were.

Of course Peter sticks to the facts and the papers, just pointing out the fallacies, whereas I am going to question the motives. Why does the Right Wing blogsphere have a such an interest in sowing doubt? Are they paid by lobbies to sow doubt, ala Heartland institute, or is there a lot of wish full magical thinking going on in order to make recalcitrant facts fit their worldview? I suspect it’s a bit of both, but honestly don’t have the energy or time to track this all back the way that Peter does.

We can with solid authority state that you should never trust RW blogs, or for that matter any blogs, when it comes to science. Instead you should trust Scientists and go to their papers and their statements.

Why temperatures never go up in straight lines

A new video from Peter Hadley to debunk the usual naysayers who think this temporary slowdown or pause in AGW is the destruction of all science.

Why temperatures never go up in straight lines – YouTube.

A Warming World

Here’s a video from NASA data that details some of the factors behind AGW.

For much more information go to Nasa’s Warming World


The Big Swindle – Global Warming Denial Film Debunked

The Big Swindle – Global Warming Denial Film Debunked

This video created by an ally of my nemesis, Al Gore, pretty much destroys the main tenets and blunders of the movie “The Global Warming Swindle”. While I’m still not an alarmist, and I still think Al’s selling a carbon ponzi scheme that will cause great stress in third world countries, I do like truth. So here it is, real data and finished charts from authoritative sources.

The jump to enact to cap and trade is the saddest part of this, while it’s true that we must do something sometime this century or early next, cap and trade does nothing. It’s already been shown not to work in Europe, where fossil fuel use rose under the system. Waxman and cohorts have turned cap and trade into a patronage game, trading credits for votes. This just makes it appear like congress is doing something when in reality they are just reshuffling the deck aimlessly. On top of that if you tell them they aren’t going to accomplish much with cap and trade, they will come after you.