The Best Things in Life Aren’t Free

With the dollar in free-fall and Congress providing bread and circuses rather than action (the “stimuli check”, the Waxman Steroid Witchunts) you have to wonder why we elect these people. The best thing Congress could do tomorrow to stop the bleeding would be to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.The pundits aren’t telling you this because they don’t think it possible.

Our dollar, and our economy are based on trust and confidence in the future. With the tax hike coming, the future has become uncertain, so the economy has slowed. Why did it happen now, why’s it seem so sudden?

Businesses and financial institutions plan quarter by quarter in two year cycles, and the bean counters at every Fortune five hundred company in America have looked two years ahead to tax hikes this quarter. They see less money in the economy as consumers feel the pinch, and they see marginal businesses failings downroad from the tax hike that will occur if congress doesn’t act. They see uncertainty, and they see less confidence.

If congress wants to stop the bleeding, they should make the cuts permanent and they should do it today, not tomorrow. One of the best things about life is security and hope for the future – if that future becomes uncertain then security and confidence both wilt, and we all know that bean counters are not the bravest souls to begin with.

The legislative loons in the Democrat party think they have time to wait until after the election, but confidence in the future and security must be granted now by congress because bean-counters plan ahead, and the accountants are taking that future accounting right now.

Demagogues like Pelosi and Obama can try to blame “big business” all they want, but big business has to deal in the real world of cause and effect, balance sheets and cash-flow, because they hold the trust of their investors and that’s a trust they must keep faith with.

If you are in a 401k or other retirement investment plan, that means they must do their best to keep your trust, regardless of the sound and fury of Congressional Theater. This didn’t happen suddenly, or out of the blue. It happened as we entered this quarter for a reason – the business planning cycle. It’s time for congress to restore the faith and confidence in the future, they need to make the tax cuts permanent.

UPDATE: Here’s a fine example of how Democrats crush security and confidence through taxation.  

2 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life Aren’t Free”

  1. The best thing in life is and will always be free for the asking. GOD’s eternal and everlasting love is there for the man/woman willing to ask. The one caveat is that man must be in a civilized nation. But, even in a nation ruled by 7th century barbarism, it is still possible. Unfortunately man must be willing to hold his tongue least he loose it or his life for simply stating that he is a Christian and believes in Jesus Christ and the redemption of man by the acceptance that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of man.

    It never cease to shock me that a “religion” that claims to be a “religion” of peace is so filled with hate and barbaric behavior and despises Christians for stating that Jesus was absolutely the son of GOD.

    The islamic cult moves into western (civilized) nations and demands the “right” to practice their “religion”. These same people have no qualms about denying Christians the right to practice their religion in a nation ruled by these 7th century-minded barbarians.

    Sunday is Easter. Remember the true meaning of the day and give thanks unto GOD for his sacrifice and the fact that Jesus died for the sins of man, and then arose from his death to sit at the right hand of GOD.

  2. Well I could argue that you must give up something with some logic from St. Thomas, but seeing as how it is Easter and a time of rebirth and hope for Christians I will not friend.

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