Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has inspired me with all of his code tweakage and improvements to his site, so I’m attempting some modest changes myself. The first you might note is larger font size, this one’s purely selfish so that I don’t have to wear my glasses when I proofread. (If you’ve noticed the editing quality here has gone markedly downhill lately, I hate wearing my glasses.)

I’ve cloned my main theme while I tweak, please don’t use the theme named “noble” as it’s the sandbox and really messy at the moment.

Update: I fixed the Calendar so it doesn’t display all wonky like it has since the upgrade to wp 2.x series with widgets embedded in the core. This is a major accomplishment since I am a css newby.

The War Tapes

The War and our efforts in Iraq is what it is, and screw the people right or left who suborn what our military is accomplishing to politics.

Mooky Surrenders While the Press Begs Him Not to

The press is full of Nihilistic projections about the south of Iraq, but while they try to make this the “new Tet”, Mooky’s surrendered just before Maliki’s deadline expired. More at Hot Air

Obama Lies Again; He’s no Reagan

In recent appearances Obama is trying to win back some moderate voters and the Republicans voting in Rush Limbaugh’s operation Chaos by stating that he would hearken back to the successful foreign policies of Ronald Reagan and Bush 41.

That’s the most politically opportunistic bald-faced lie that Obama’s made so far in a campaign that’s become full of controversy after the Reverend Wright “revelations.”

Somehow I can’t picture Obama putting nuclear missiles forward into Afghanistan and staring steely-eyed at the Communist Party in China until Tibet, North Korea, and Myanmar were freed from vassallage to China’s imperialist drive in the Asian Continent as President Reagan did with the Soviets in Europe.

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Karl Rove: The Horns and Tail are Retractable

Here’s a short segment of  a Karl Rove speech at George Washington University, and the moonbats who interupted him. As they are hauled away the other students applaud and chant “Tase ’em ! Tase ’em! Good, humorous viewing to enjoy with breakfast.