Palestinian Phone and Internet Boiler-room in Gaza Wants to Elect Obama

Yes, it’s true, Obama has the Hamas endorsement, this operation couldn’t go on without their approval as they control every aspect of Gazan life. H/T Weasel Zippers.

Pakistan Update Gilani Knows How to Stir The Pot, But Who’s the Cook?

As I predicted after the new Pakistani Prime Minister’s speech about removing the Frontier Crime Regulations (FCR’s) and the Black Laws,┬áthe Taliban is demanding their style of Sharia as the only suitable replacement.

The tribal elders from Baitullah Mehsud’s region as well as his spokes-puppet, Mullah Umar, are both putting forth the proposition that you can petition the parliament with threats (veiled.) [Note: the papers call him “Maulvi Omar” – which is the more respectful term, probably to differentiate from the other; I’ll call him “Mullah” with a U instead of an O in Omar just to differentiate from the real Mullah Omar.]

Of course the tribal elders probably had some incentive to join with the call for TTP Sharia.

This editorial is good at examining the nuances of the Taliban demands, but essentially they are demanding something the Pakistani Government can’t deliver as a precondition to laying down arms. (The US out of Afghanistan.)