Musharraf in Brussels; Waziristan Fighting Continues

While Musharraf is reassuring the world that elections will be fair and that the winning party will be allowed to rule post elections, the fighting in South Waziristan is continuing. Musharraf’s statements from Brussels are here. It demonstrates either foolhardiness or confidence that he is out of country at this time leading up to the elections.

 In Ladha village in South Waziristan the Taliban fired on Military gunships which were on a re-supply mission, the gunships returned fire with the military effect unknown. Some civilians were reported as killed, but as these things go it could be Taliban dead. Report at Daily Times.

A close aide to Baitullah Mehsud, Younas Mehsud, was captured with explosives and weapons, and the chief of US Centcom, Admiral Fallon, will be meeting with Chief of Army Staff, Ashfaq Kayani for a day in Pakistan. (It never fails that Pakistan captures a HVT right before US visits, we should visit more often.) More here

The teen suspect who confessed to being part of the Bhutto assasination cell led police to his alleged handler, who had a suicide vest and bomb making materials in his possession.

In NWFP Intelligence Bureau Deputy Director Nisar Ahmed Khan was assasinated by gunmen in a further bid to destabilize the province after the two failed attacks on Sherpao.

Sectarian violence continues with another attack on a Moharram procession.