Lt. Michael Murphy, Honor Him

753497.jpgThis will be my only post on this day.

Here’s to a friend of our country and a friend of all that is good in this world. Here’s to the strength of one of our best cut down on the battlefield fighting against insurmountable odds. Here’s to a man who though wounded and under fire still took the time to say “thank you” before hanging up his satellite-phone after calling for reinforcements against the 30-40 Taliban his four person team was fighting. Here’s to a man who showed mercy and died from it, without regret.

Lt. Michael Murphy, Navy Seal has just been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor, the highest honor in this or any other land. Celebrate his life, his virtue, and his courage today, as will I.

2 thoughts on “Lt. Michael Murphy, Honor Him”

  1. To have a man like Lt. Murphy come from our country is an honor. My family will pray for Lt. Murphy’s family. It is all we can do.

    I have met several MOH recipients. To a person they are some of the most compassionate people that I have ever met. Lt. Murphy must have been one tremendous person.

    We mourn his loss of life, and celebrate his spirit.

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