Hillary’s List

There’s a growing list of suspect and criminal Hillary Clinton supporters that just keeps getting bigger, today it’s time to add Aaron Tonken to the list.

William Danielcyzk ; Hsu SurrendersBoard of Trustees for New School, New York  ; Sant Chatwal Indian Immigrant Bundler ; “Ray” Jinnah Rehmanpreviously of Pal-C ;Vinod Guptaof InfoUSA ; Mayor Samuel Rivera ; Peter Paul??; Aaron Tonken.

The Beginning of the End for Analog TV

oldtv.jpgIn February 2009 broadcasters will stop broadcasting in Analog, and if you have an analog television still you will need to get a converter box to receive the signal. In preparation for that Best Buy has announced that it will stop selling Analog Television sets. Story at AP:

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The nation’s largest consumer electronics chain says it has pulled all analog televisions off store shelves. Flat panel and high-definition screens have taken their place. Beginning in February 2009, broadcasters plan to stop transmitting analog signals, although people with older sets can still get programming via special converter boxes, set-top box or direct satellite.The Minneapolis-based chain says it told its stores to stop selling the products at the beginning of the month.

More on the controversy over notification here.

Terrorism Links to Youth Riots in the Netherlands

jihadriotsallabepleinamsterdam1.jpgWhile the general press in Amsterdam are characterizing the latest spate of riots in Amsterdam as perpetrated by “criminals”, “youths”, and “youth gangs”, there’s more to it than that.

While those statements are true, nonetheless the youths are mostly Morroccan, and have ties to know terrorists, including the murderer of Theo Van Gogh. For those getting here from this Little Green Footballs article, there’s also more detail at Klein Verzet.