Turkey Iraq Tensions Rise in Wake of PKK Attack

Earlier the PKK attacked Turkish troops in an ambush on a bridge killing at least 12, and tensions are rising both sides of the border. Turkey recently passed a bill allowing attacks across the border in Iraq, and there are reports that they are shelling in Iraq again.

This cannot continue — while PKK are terrorists and must be wiped out, shelling villages or an incursion into Iraq is not the way to go about it. Iraq is a sovereign nation, and if Turkey invades, then Iraq, and all their allies have the right to strike back.

The grey areas are in cases of hot pursuit — if Turkey is pursuing a band of PKK, what should the response be? I would say that we aid them in capturing them, but discourage cross-border pursuit. The tell on how we are managing this will be in how air forces on both sides are aligned and repositioned. Video from Reuters: