Pakistan Update: Elections Can Proceed, But…

The fabled deal between Musharraf and Bhutto appears to have been sealed with the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO,) and the Supreme Court ruled that the elections can proceed in the Assembly to elect Musharraf to another five-year term as President of Pakistan. However in a surprise part of the ruling the high court also stated that the election results could not be declared until after the Supreme Court decides on the challenges against him running for president.

In the background Chaudry Shujaat Hussein, leader of PML-Q which is Musharraf’s party is trying to stir up momentum against the NRO, since it must pass the assembly. He will be the odd-man out if it does pass as he can’t hope to field a candidate who could win in a contest against Benazir Bhutto for Prime Minister. The question remaining is do the Chaudry cousins have enough backing to upset the applecart?

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