Full Moon

full-moon.jpgI need to get a shutter lanyard… real bad. I have to set the ISO too high to get these shots without blur. With a lanyard, the long exposure shot would be much better.

Valerie’s Song

Since Valerie is on her nationwide victim-book tour, I thought it pertinent to repost Valerie’s theme song, first made popular in the movie “The Falcon and the Snowman.”

“So bloody red — tomorrow’s clouds”

The Lighthouse at Land’s End

At end of earth

where sea meets sky

stands a lighthouse

at land’s end.

Above foam and roar 

light streams forth

with warn of rocks below.

Past land and deeps

above wave’s roar 

over stone’s rend

light sings sure

– Thanos

Above is a miniature lighthouse etched in a block of crystal by a laser that is  in turn superimposed over a photo of a scenic shore in Oregon.

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