AQ and Allies Murder 1,129 Muslims in September

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgAnother grim milestone is reached along Al Qaeda’s march to grasp power within the Islamic world; Al Qaeda and their allied terror groups killed 1,129 Muslims in the month of September. The victims were murdered through an assortment of suicide bombings, targeted assassinations, mosque bombings, and marketplace bombings. Most of these deaths took place in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Algeria.

There were 1,380 other Muslims maimed and injured in the same incidents. These figures are gathered from terror reports during the month of September, and exclude deaths of Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and other denominations. Those deaths were far fewer in proportion to the number of Muslims murdered and maimed.

It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that this is going on, Al Zawahiri really leads now, and he got his start by murdering fellow muslims. The Muslim brotherhood, the Qutbists, and the hard-liner Deobandis who follow Al Qaeda are really the Neo-Takfirists; like the Azraqi’s of old they consider themselves above the laws of sharia they supposedly support. 

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  1. I’ve stated many times my belief that islam is not a religion, but a political ideology. With that said, it makes perfect sense what has driven Al Zawahiri from the very start – he is politically motivated, using islam’s facade of religion only when it suits his political aim. I would go so far as to say that Al Zawahiri and bin Laden have always believed in a separate ideology inside of the greater ideology of islam.

    Look at the past. Communism, another ideology, had vast sub-sects of the ideology at work – there were few similarities between the communisit states of North Korea, China and the Soviet Union. Thus, with Al Zawahiri’s brand of ideology, he views those other sub-sects of islam as much of an enemy as any run of the mill infidel.

    This is not a struggle of allah or mohammed…this is a struggle of control and power by heathens, assasins, and psychotics.

  2. Yes, they are the Neo-Takfiris — like the Azraqis who are now long gone, if you didn’t agree with them you were dead in their book, and it didn’t matter that you were a follower of Allah.

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