Waziristan Peace Jirga Breakdown

Dawn reports that the peace demands of the local tribal leaders have been turned down by the Uzbeks, and this means the fighting will continue after 130 AQAM have already been killed. It’s either that or they better move fast out of the region. ISAF should be watching across the border in Afghanistan, they are likely headed that way if they retreat.
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Lizard Rythms

Four tunes
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Afghan Army Thoroughly Defeats Taliban Force

In the largest independent action to date Afghanistan Armed Forces killed 69 Taliban in Helmand, demonstrating not only their independence from ISAF forces, but also their effectiveness.
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Little Green Footballs Back up

LGF appears to be down back up this am, probably from crushes of people trying to get news about the Kidnapping of the British Sailors. I’ve taken the Headline widget out of the sidebar until Charles recovers.

UPdate: Nothing ever keeps the Idefatigable Charles down for long, and I’ve stuck LGF headlines back in the sidebar since he’s recovered nicely.indefatigable.gif

British Sailors Captured By Iran

Breaking: Fifteen British sailors have been captured by Iran, the sailors were on routine patrol in Iraqi waters when this occurred. More from BBC News UK:

Fifteen British Navy personnel have been captured at gunpoint by Iranian forces, the Ministry of Defence says.
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Waziristan — Truce or Just Lull in the Fighting?

The death toll in Waziristan has risen to 132 after the locals rose against the Uzbeks and Chechen foreigners, who have long outstayed their welcome and have crossed the line  by bringing the violence into Pakistan. By attempting assassinations and turning suicide bombers loose in Waziristan, they are creating a rising tide of resentment among the local Pashtun tribes.
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