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Kidnapped British Sailor Update

british-sailor-map.jpgIran has performed the expected act of broadcasting the captive Sailors on state run Iranian Television. (Remember: Iranian citizens can’t see opposing views anymore because the government confiscated Satellite dishes, and restricted internet access in the preceding months.) They have stated they will free the woman captive, and she appeared on Iranian TV in the requisite scarf.

Tony Blair has stated that they are stopping all interaction with Iran excepting that to do with freeing the hostages. To up the ante Iran has demanded that Britain apologize before they will release the sailors.

Powerline has a good post with analysis and updates in it.

Earlier posts here with lots of links to the articles on this and analysis.

Sunday Bloody Sunday

Nothing political here, this is just a test to embed video, I picked this one because it’s humorous to both sides of the political aisle, and well done.

[ Editor: I’ve since removed the video even though it worked fine because the embed code causes errors on the page, and edit mode automagically wrecks the embed code unless you are willing to redo the HTML each time you save it. I’ll keep looking for better ways that will validate without me needing to be a code monkey for every video post.]

The World of Noblesse


 Here’s a picture of where my readers come from, as you can see they are spread over the world, but mostly in the US. You can see folks from the mid-east, troops from Diego Garcia (That dot in the Indian Ocean,) and from all seven six continents.

I express strong views on the site, but things that nobody should differ on are basic facts around any event or situation. Where readers see facts omitted or incorrect, I sure would like to hear about it in comments. Also, if you have an  opinion I welcome it, that’s not an open invitation to argue my opinion however, more an invitation to hear your opinion whether opposed or not.