Waziristan Update

As predicted in previous posts, the foreigners in North Waziristan have outstayed their welcome, and there are schisms between the Taliban and AQAM forces. Fighting has broken out between tribesmen in Wana and “Suspected Uzbeks” .
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New Rumors of Bin Laden, or Old News?

Seeing a post at Pajamas Media regarding Bin Laden, I followed up to see if there was something new here…. and it looks to be old news reposted at Family Security Affairs from a 2005 World Net Daily article.

The article appears to be a retread of a 2005 piece by Paul Williams that appeared at World Net Daily in August of 2005. Since then of course much has happened, including registration of foreigners and Afghan refugees, regulation of madrassashs and foreign students attending them, a mass migration of Afghan refugees North to Kunar in August last year (Expect more come Spring) and the Madrassah bombing. There have been rumors of Zawahiri taking over Al Qaeda, and rumors of Bin Laden’s death, and or paralysis.

Previous articles here express disbelief that Bin Laden is still in Dir valley, Darkot, or Chitral, instead I would place him across border in Kunar valley of Afghanistan, if he’s in the vicinity at all.

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Chinese Blogger Jailed Six Years

China has again silenced a blogger, this time with a six year prison term. From Shanghai Daily (courtesy PJM)

THE former editor-in-chief of a Chinese Website has been given a six-year prison term for subversion, the Ningbo Intermediate People’s Court in east China’s Zhejiang Province said.

The court ruled yesterday that Zhang Jianhong, former editor-in-chief of a Website named “Aiqinhai,” or “Aegean Sea,” had written articles which defamed the Chinese government and amounted to agitation aimed at toppling the government.

After his Website was shut down and he was punished for illegal practices, Zhang had published more than 110 articles under the pseudonym “Lihong” on overseas Websites from May to September 2006, the court said.

All fragile dictatorships must silence all dissent to survive, governments that silence dissent have shallow roots will eventually become chaff before the wind of liberty — you cannot stop information nor can you stop ideas. 

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Chinese Blogger Silenced