Adak, Alaska Chosen as Base for GMD Radar

sea-based-x-band-radar-pearl-harbor-bg.jpgA new state-of-the-art Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) radar will be based at Adak Alaska. The new radar is a key component for the new missile defense system, and will prove a detterent to any North Korean launches. More at

Anthropogenic or Anthropomorphic Global Warming?

Personification of the forces of nature has occurred since the dawn of time, and mankind has painted his face on the forms of nature, assigned human likeness and sentience to the gods of nature, and even perpetuated the myth that human intervention shaped the appearance of the stars in the night sky. (Orion, other constellations.)

Note this Lion statue from ancient Crete — the shortened muzzle and the expressive brows humanize the face; beside it you see a more modern interpretation from the Duomo Di Modena cathedral in Italy.

As the definition from The Oxford dictionary of Etymology explains, this is known as “Anthropomorphism”

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