Eason Jordan’s IraqSlogger Prints then Retracts Agitprop

Thanks to a timely article at Fourth Rail and actual fact checking (Imagine reporters who do that!) it was revealed that IraqSlogger reported US Casualties and a battle at Rutbah that did not occur. They posted a retraction pretty quickly after the reveal.

Finish this sentence:

The only place imaginary casualties come from is from our ______.

Wazir Update; Bajaur Accords signed

While Musharaaf and Pakistan are going through a political storm over the arrest of the Chief Justice of their high court, other things are still happening in the hinterlands of Pakistan. While the WAPO reports the Chief Justice arrest as “Musharaaf’s worst crisis to date”, it’s a storm I think he will weather from reading many Pak online forums. (The 1/3 or so that does not support him is worried enough about who would replace him not to get overwrought over the CJ, that might change as the case plays out however.) 

The Bajaur peace treaty has been signed, the Frontier Post reports on it here.

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