Peace In Nepal !

The decades old Maoist insurgency in Nepal has now come to an end, at least on paper. For almost a year Royalists, Freedom Advocates, and the Maoists have been at loggerheads, but the agreement is now final, and calls for the Maoists and the royalists to cease hostilities and obey the arms accords previously agreed to.



From Ekantipur: 

KATHMANDU, Nov 21 – The government and the Maoists on Tuesday evening signed the much anticipated and long awaited Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA), formally ending the decade-long armed Maoist insurgency…

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist supremo Prachanda signed the picturehistoric deal. Before the deal was signed, Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula read out the full text of the CPA.

Main features of the CPA, which includes 10 main sections are

  • Formal end of the Maoists’ People’s War that began in 1996
  • No political rights to King; his property to be nationalised under public trusts
  • To strictly implement all previous agreements reached between the government and Maoists. 
  • Maoists’ People’s Liberation Army and Nepal Army and their arms to be managed as per the earlier agreement reached between the government and the Maoists
  • No attacks or any kind of violent and offensive activities from either side; no new recruitments in armed forces of both sides
  • OHCHR-Nepal to monitor human rights situation, and UN Team to monitor and supervise PLA cantonments and Nepal Army barracks
  • Full commitment to uphold human rights, all international human rights laws, civil libertiespicture
  • Maoists’ parallel administration (People’s governments, People’s Courts) across the country to be scrapped
  • National Peace and Rehabilitation Commission, Truth Commission, and a high-level Commission for State Restructuring to be formed
  • Feudal land-ownership system to end, Scientific land distribution system to be adopted
  • Strong punitive policy against corruption
  • Property earned illegally by anybody through corruption to be confiscated
  • Possession, display and use of arms and weapons by anybody a punishable crime
  • Both government and Maoist sides to assist each other to maintain law peace, law and order
  • Respectful rehabilitation and social integration of the people displaced during the insurgency

US, UN welcome peace accord 

The UN and US on Tuesday evening welcomed the announcement of the comprehensive peace accord signed by Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist Chairman Prachanda.

“We hope this step (signing of the peace accord) will place Nepal on the path of lasting peace and democracy,” said a statement issued by the American Embassy this evening.

The US also said it wants the peace process to work and pledged full support. “We

support an agreement that safeguards the aspirations of the Nepali people.”

With the signing of the agreement, the US said violence, intimidation, and criminal acts — such as forced recruitment of cadre and extortion — must end. 

“The Nepali people, who have lived in fear for 11 years, deserve a chance to live without fear and choose their form of government in fair elections,” the US said.

America also said it is committed to help Nepal build a peaceful, prosperous, and democratic future for its people.

My hearty congratulations to the people of Nepal, this has not been easy – but in the end it will be well worth it. I am very happy that Koirala and Prachandra were able to agree.

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5 thoughts on “Peace In Nepal !”

  1. So many otherwise intelligent people have read/heard that when the Lord of Hosts comes, WE will BEAT our swords into plowshares…

    Yet they persist in thinking that, because He didn’t wave a wand and magically transform our weapons into tools-of-peace-and-plenty (with no effort on our part) He must not have come yet!

    Ah, well… best wishes, and my hopes that the Maoists will actually abide by the agreement!

    (Thanks again, Thanos!)

  2. Time will tell on this one, Nepalese parties outside the Royalists are mostly socialists, with the Maoists supported at various times from China and India as it suits them. I think the Nepalese won this one. 🙂

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