Taliban Ban Press in North Waziristan

Please stop by The Fourth Rail, Bill Roggio has a write up on the Taliban attempts to muzzle the press, and ban periodicals in North Waziristan. There’s also a wonderful tribute to America in the comments section well worth the reading.

This reminds me of Amadinejad stealing the Iranian’s satellite dishes. You can’t stop information, you can’t stop freedom. This is a signal that the Taliban’s grip is slipping if they have to resort to this. This is the Taliban in fear.

AP “Al-Qaida Press” in More blunders

Gateway Pundit has the Skinny and details Here and Here.

Of course they are denying everything, when in reality they ought to be pulling credentials and firing the reporters who put in these false, inflammatory, and totally bogus reports. Iraqi’s  have probably DIED as outcome of the post-story violence,. The question to ask is: is it ok for the AP to toy with a nation’s future because it sells more papers here?

Even the laziest sod of a reporter knows to check credentials, knows to second source and fact check stories, what happened in all of these cases? Are they mostly under the same by-line?