The American Military Cannot be Defeated

Jerry Pournelle reminds us that the US Military cannot be defeated, but that the US Congress can be.

Pakistan Rounds up Illegal Afghan Immigrants

As a follow up to yesterday’s report on the mass registration underway, Pakistan has rounded up 70 illegal immigrants, as reported by the Pak Tribune. I expect more of this to come over the next days and weeks.

QUETTA: At least 70 Afghan nationals have been nabbed during an operation against illegal immigrants in Chaman and Noshki here on Tuesday. Police arrested them under foreign act and started investigation in this regard. Illegal immigrants were allegedly involved in killing, kidnapping, robbery and other anti-social activities.

Both Musharraf and Sherpao are taking a harder line in preparation for the coming cross-border Jirga, and you have to wonder if the lack of attention to the Taleban operating freely in Waziristan wasn’t just to lull them into coming out in the open. I’ll believe that when they capture Sadiq Noor.

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