Peace In Nepal !

The decades old Maoist insurgency in Nepal has now come to an end, at least on paper. For almost a year Royalists, Freedom Advocates, and the Maoists have been at loggerheads, but the agreement is now final, and calls for the Maoists and the royalists to cease hostilities and obey the arms accords previously agreed to.

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Pakistan Peace Jirga Begins

The Pakistan peace Jirga has begun, and calls for Nato withdrawal. Along with that, they call for the expelling of “alien extremists”. This could be long term good if they really mean it. The Jirga is being led by Asfandyar Wali Khan, a leader of ANP, founded by the pacifist Khudai Khitmatgar movement formed in the ’30’s. Whether this is effective, or just for show before the elections in early 2007, remains to be seen.

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Sam, You’re No Ronald Reagan

Sam Brownback is nosing about that he intends to run for president, and following up on a pledge made here, I will be actively and continuously campaign against his nomination.

brownbackraza.jpgSam Brownback is nosing about that he intends to run for president, and following up on a pledge made here, I will actively and persistently campaign against his nomination.


WASHINGTON —  Sen. Sam Brownback, who is considering a White House bid in 2008, said Monday the Republican field has room for a “full-scale Ronald Reagan conservative” and pledged to make a final decision next month.

The Kansas senator said he was not discouraged from running by the Democrats’ strong gains in this month’s midterm elections, including majority control of the House and Senate.

“It does not make it less likely,” he said in an interview. “I really believe that the basic conservative ideas and ideals were not repudiated. Our execution was.”

Re-read that last sentence. I hold the Senate highly accountable for the election losses the Republicans received, without their sloth, obstruction, and ambivalence over every issue of import before them the past four years we would have made much better progress.

Last time I looked, Sam was still in the do-nothing Senate: No end to the judicial fillibuster, no action on border security, no movement to gain the executive branch the lawful powers needed to effectively wage the war on terror, and finally right before the election, a bill to help trie detainees and the fence bill… three years late.

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