Waziristan Update

The cross-border Tribal Jirgas are now starting, as we can see from this article:

CHITRAL, 13 Nov, 06: A Jirga comprising of teams from Chitral and Afghanistan met at Bir Kot Nari of Kunar province Afghanistan to discuss cross border Law an Order situation. The Chitral team comprising of Nazims Union councils and elders was led by Tehsil Nazim Sartaj Ahmad Khan, while the Afghan side was led by Lali Ameer member  Afghan provincial assembly.

The Jirga  agreed on controlling any possible terrorism activities and proclaimed that soil of both countries will never be allowed to be used by miscreants. A committee was detailed to discuss these matters after every two months. It was decided that a registration card would be issued to Afghan refugees before crossing the border. The two parties also agreed to inform each other before taking any stern action in case of any type of violation of borders.

They agreed for mutual understanding that both nationalities having mutual religions, culture and history. They stressed upon for keeping of peace at each price. (GH Farooqi)

I suspect we will see more of these along different sections of the border leading into the grand Tribal Jirga in which Musharraf and Karzai are rumored to be participants of. We will have to wait and see if the outcome is good or not. Meanwhile, registration of Afghanis and other foreign “refugees” continues, from Pak Tribune:

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